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For half a century

If you want to be sure of your European supply chain, assuring perfect transportation and smart storage of your cargo from (sea)port to European inland and vice versa, Interrijn is your go-to partner.

Since 1971 we take pride in connecting producers with clients and consumers, skippers with cargo, seaport with terminal or inland port. Transportation over water is by far the most sustainable way of doing so. Where you might see a logistical challenge, we see just another Monday morning. It’s what we do. For half a century now.

Port Logistics

Gateway logistics services for complex supply chains in all European seaports. Read more…

(Floating) Storage

The solution for smart and cost-effective storage and stock management in or near a seaport. Read more..


Let us convert your logistical challenges into smart, green and reliable solutions. Read more..

Benefit from over 50 years of experience
in inland shipping

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