Interrijn group

Water levels (n.a.p in cm)
332 238 178
+6 +0 +5
Forecast Forecast Forecast
Archive Archive Archive
N.A.P. in cm |
Gas oil prices (€/100L CBRB)
€ 68.12
Prijsstijging/daling +1.00
€/100L CBRB |

Welcome at Interrijn Group

We know the way at the Interrijn Group, so would be happy to take on responsibility for your logistics. The Interrijn Group, an organisation comprising a number of family businesses, has been using inland navigation vessels and coasters to take care of all your transport needs since 1971.

Every day our 45 dedicated colleagues focus on different, specific markets and in so doing go for the fastest and most beneficial transport strategy. Is there anything we can do for you?

More info?Call +31 (0)78 625 93 99


Louis Bosman

General Manager