Port Logistics

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Port Logistics

Interrijn as a group offers gateway logistic services for complex supply chains in all European seaports. Like from Brake (DE), Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Flushing (NL), Antwerp and Ghent (BE) to all major inland ports and terminals and vice versa.

Our way of working is multi-modal (with a preference for water logistics), focused on effective distribution or cost-effective storage.

In seaports, we service our clients from customs clearance to cargo inspections. We were born to solve logistic puzzles, to take any cargo anywhere; starting where the journey starts, in the ports of Europe.

Customs formalities

If you want to be unburdened from the first mooring in the European seaport, you work with Interrijn. Customs formalities in safe and reliable hands.

Multimodal transport

You want an integrated solution for your (hinterland) transport. An optimal, flexible, and sustainable use of different transport modalities in the hands of one experienced partner. Read more…

Dutch & Belgium seaports

In the main European seaports, you want to work with someone who knows every unloading ramp, every terminal, every tide. That is why you work with Interrijn, from Vlissingen to Amsterdam, Ghent to Antwerp. Read more…

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