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Project Cargo & RoRo

Project cargo and heavy RoRo needs specials expertise and usually many permits. It always creates logistical challenges. The solution is smart: inland transportation over the waterways. It’s that easy. It takes out a big part of the transport manager’s headache.

With our special roll-on-roll-off-service, suited for (heavy) wheeled cargo, we’ve easily shipped wind turbines, cranes, and military helicopters. Tanks, trucks, tractors, or just about anything on wheels till 260 tons, from seaport to terminal or construction site and vice versa. As if it was just another Monday morning.

Our special vessels for car shipping will carry over 450 cars in one go. That’s the equivalent of at least 45 trailers and trucks.

Car transport

With 4 special car transport vessels and 2 unique push barges, Interrijn Auto RoRo is able to set up both incidental sailings (spot) and scheduled services. More than 450 passenger cars can be transported in 24 hours between Flushing and Cologne, for example. Read more…

Project cargo

We specialize in the transport of large, heavy, high-quality ore critical equipment, also known as Project Cargo or heavy lift. Transport by water has many advantages over road transport. Read more…


The special roll-on-roll-off service, suitable for (heavy) cargo on wheels, easily ships wind turbines, cranes, and military helicopters. But also entire trains, tanks, trucks, and tractors. In short, everything on wheels up to 260 tons, from seaport to terminal or construction site and vice versa. Read more…

Dutch & Belgium seaports

In the main European seaports, you want to work with someone who knows every unloading ramp, every terminal, every tide. That is why you work with Interrijn, from Vlissingen to Amsterdam, Ghent to Antwerp. Read more…

European destinations

We take care of cargo from seaport to destinations in France, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. From terminals to factories, with options for post transport or even last-mile solutions. Read more…

Single and scheduled service

Whether it concerns ad hoc transport of project cargo or setting up a special scheduled service for your car factory, Interrijn fixes supply chains and brings delivery conditions to a reality. Read more…

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