Inland Shipping

Any kind of load to any quay in Europe

Smart, green and reliable

Inland Shipping

We are Rotterdam-based, so by nature, we don’t like bragging about our accomplishments. Yes, we are experienced (founded in 1971) and yes we can take on almost any type of cargo, but we prefer not to boast about it.

Just ask any of our loyal customers, in automotive or bulk load, from skippers to shippers for an opinion of their experience with us.

We have expertise in the transport of all sorts of cargo. From cranes to Apache helicopters and from Bulk cargo (like wood pulp/cellulose, grains, aluminum) to the transportation of a hundred trucks in one go or many hundreds of cars every single week.

Our job is easy: we take your logistical challenges and convert them into smart, green, and reliable solutions on the European waterways. It’s what we do.

European destinations

We take care of cargo from seaport to destinations in France, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. From terminals to factories, with options for post transport or even last-mile solutions. Read more…

Dutch & Belgium seaports

In the main European seaports, you want to work with someone who knows every unloading ramp, every terminal, every tide. That is why you work with Interrijn, from Vlissingen to Amsterdam, Ghent to Antwerp. Read more…

Specialist cargo & certification

Over half a century, Interrijn has built up a lot of experience with bulk cargo. Among other things, cellulose, aluminum and animal feed. We are also ISO-9001 and GMP certified. Read more…

When your looking for experience on the European waterways

Smart, green, reliable. It’s what we do

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