Car transport

450 cars on one journey

25 years of experience

Car transport

Interrijn Car transport has been transporting passenger cars by water for more than 25 years. As a result, we are now specialists on the Rhine and other European waterways.

The choice for transport from seaport to hinterland and vice versa is also simple for the automotive industry. With 4 special car transport vessels and 2 unique push barges, Interrijn Auto RoRo is able to set up both incidental transports (spot) and scheduled services. More than 450 passenger cars can be transported in 24 hours between Flushing and Cologne, for example. The ships carry SUV’s or vans with the same ease. The ships are equipped with their own loading and unloading ramps, so they are not solely dependent on terminals. There is simply no form of transport that can compete with that.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • Cheaper: 1 transport equals 45 trucks with trailers;
  • Simpler: just ones loading and unloading;
  • More sustainable: the greenest form of transport;
  • Various; transport from ordinary passenger cars to SUV and vans;
  • Flexible; from spot to regular service and can always be scaled up and down;
  • Safe; virtually 0% damage to the cargo in 36 years;
  • Range; transport on all waterways of Europe possible.

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