The smartest way of transporting the heaviest cargo

RoRo: special ships for special cargo

Interrijn RoRo has been a leader in transporting everything with wheels over water since 1985. Project cargo and heavy RoRo simply require special ships and expertise. And our credo is simple: the smartest way to transport anything with wheels is by water.

With our special roll-on-roll-off service, suitable for (heavy) cargo on wheels, we ship wind turbines, cranes, and military helicopters with ease. But also entire trains, tanks, trucks, and tractors. In short, everything on wheels up to 260 tons, from seaport to terminal or construction site and vice versa.

The advantages of RoRo transport by water:

  • Large capacity: 100 departures equal 17,000 trucks on the road;
  • Shuttle service: 2 sailings per week from southern Germany to the ARA ports and vice versa;
  • Fast: only 30 hours sailing from Mannheim to Rotterdam/Antwerp;
  • Greener: more sustainable than any other option;
  • Convenience: no permits required for exceptional cargo;
  • Efficient: no hindrance from the weekend driving ban in Germany.

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