50 years Interrijn

Interrijn, it’s what we do

Half a century of solutions on the water

50 years Interrijn

The one moment as a company and as employees you are ‘just doing your job’. The other,  you are suddenly fifty. In the run-up to this festive year, we had big plans. A party at a top location, all relations, captains and (former) colleagues together and then a party.

But things go the way they go, and this just didn’t work out. We have become half a century with this practical, optimistic and solution-oriented attitude. So we sent a nice gift to our relations (cheers!) and made a nice video to show you (and perhaps make you feel) what we actually do.

We would like to thank our loyal clients, the skippers of our (push) ships and (former) colleagues for the successful journey we have already made together. Let’s go for the next fifty.

We find it difficult to be proud of what we do and then show it. Anyway, then you turn fifty and you suddenly have a good excuse. So we asked a bunch of very talented documentary makers to board ms. Janienke with skipper Jaap Dooge and shoot a portrait. Under the title: It’s what we do.

Half a century of innovation

From the first car ships in the 1980s to the modal shift for heavy project cargo and RoRo, we lead the way in every innovation in inland shipping and floating storage. That is not a merit but just our nature.

‘Highwater is an incident’

Every day, about 12,000 times in total, he sits with his booklet and notes 19 water levels. Louis Bosman from Interrijn built up the data in this way, on paper and digitally.

Read the article (Dutch only)

From fax machine to just-in-time

What started with carbonless paper and fax machines developed into an almost completely digitized process. With just-in-time delivery thanks to real-time inventory management. Inland shipping and floating storage grew with the times.

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