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About us

At Interrijn we were born to solve logistical puzzles. Since 1971 we show the world that with hard work, honesty, and innovation you can build a great logistics company with loyal skippers and customers. And oke, doing business successfully for half a century is a bit special.

We and our skippers contribute significantly to keeping the European economy running by shipping your cargo from port to distant quay day after day, in all weathers, at night and at dawn.

We are proud of the fact that with our travels and service we can successfully complete your ‘supply chain’, that with our commitment we meet the delivery conditions of our customers (or their customers), that we can make heroes of the logistics managers who choose to work with us.

We think it’s normal that we do this in a smart, green, and reliable way. We are traditionally ‘Rotterdammers’, so we do not like to brag. We just do our job. And when we do something, we do it well.

Interrijn, it’s what we do.

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