Interrijn Scheepvaart

Experienced in the European seaports and on the inland waterways

About Interrijn Scheepvaart

Interrijn Scheepvaart B.V. has been in existence since 1971, covering countless miles of waterway. Our work takes us into nearly all the western and eastern European waterways, so today you can rely on a wealth of experience – more than that – the transport of the most varied goods by water is our speciality.

With around 50 barges Interrijn Scheepvaart B.V. is a major player in the transport of wood and wood products, agricultural goods and high-quality bulk goods. Destinations vary from places along the Rhine to tributaries and canals. But we do not just focus on the transport; we include the coordination of deliveries to the door amongst our daily activities.

We have a modern fleet of motor vessels at our disposal, ranging from 600 to 4,800 tonnes, with a total capacity of approx. 125,000 tonnes. We use this fleet to transport approx. five million tonnes of bulk and neo-bulk cargo annually, including cellulose, china clay, aluminium, steel, grain and animal feeds.

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